Monday, October 02, 2006

Can't be seen

My blog still isn't searchable on the net. I won't ask anyone until I'm posting my art work. I'm not sure at this stage whether I'll keep this blog or start a new one. I'm waiting for friends to come back from holidays to ask them more questions about cameras and then I can look at purchsing one. I am going to need a scanner for my artist's journals. Not sure about any of this. This is all part of the journey. It is another October birthday month and life just keeps getting better and better. I never imagined my life would be so good. I never imagined one day I would be living without depression. Never in my wildest dreams. I just thought month in and month out the depression would come. It gives me hope for other health and life improvements. The benefits of focusing on the now are wonderful as well.
I am almost finished with my first week of "The Artist's way". I'm having a fabulous time with it and there was lots of discussion on EDM about it. I am well pleased. I'll write again on my birthday. What a treat. This time last year I had only just got my computer and a year later my life has opened wide...all the creativity is wonderful and the new friends.