Sunday, December 31, 2006


What a wonderful year 2006 has been particularly finding Everydaymatters yahoo group.....such inspiration and encouragement. I have written all my goals and hopes for 2007. I'm not ready this year to go public with any of them except that I plan to draw more, more and least as much as I write. I love writing with a passion...which includes computers and handwriting. I need to do less writing and more drawing to get a better balance this year.
I've attached the first drawings I did after joining EDM and look forward to seeing how far I go in 2007.
Does anyone know if writing and drawing use different sides of the brain. I am fascinated when people mention different sides of the brain for different work. I used to do a lot of cryptic crosswords and now I prefer drawing. I was wondering if cryptics and drawing use different sides of the brain. Any way enough of my writing and back to drawing.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Doodles - a road back

This is one of a few doodles I did when I was on the phone and in free moments. It was part of the journey back to my art work in earnest. I must frame one of them and put it on the wall to celebrate their importance. They mean a lot to me because I could only do a little section at a time really slowly. It then moved into little drawings. Then I discovered the Everdaymatters yahoo group and my art work became part of my everyday celebration. What a joy.

First collage on blog

Just discoverd I can preview what I'm trying to do!!!Oh the fun and games of a new blogger trying to do pictures.
This is a scan of one of my first collages which I really enjoy doing as a change from drawing and water color. I do a lot of them in my visual journals. My absolute passion though is writing....I do it every chance I get. I write everything and anything of a trivial day to day nature in numerous journals which I often illustrate. My favourite at the moment is a journal I'm keeping that chats about the walks I do around the neighbourhood and the people I meet and things I find. I come home and try and do little sketches of the people. They are really crude and childlike. I am looking forward to learning how to do people more realistically. I usually have my camera with me and some people don't like their picture taken so I come home and draw them instead. I find it interesting trying to memorise them. I was trying to do a dog the other day and I had no idea of how a dogs legs look when they run. I will have to learn to be more observant. A friend told me the other day to draw my cat moving and I said you have to be joking....I can hardly do her lying still. Learning to draw things in motion is going to be an interesting adventure. So much to learn, discover, do and ponder.
Had trouble getting on the blog to edit it so I may not see you for awhile!! My EDM friends are being a great help. I'm really appreciating their encouragement

Monday, December 25, 2006

Finally some art work

I have no idea if this has worked. One day I'll laugh about this but at the moment I find it quite challenging dealing with computer technology. Hopefully a little illustration of my first attempts at the EDM challenges will appear on my blog. One day this will all be terribly will my drawing.....some day. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the adventure. Special thanks to a number of the EDM members for all their help and encouragement. I haven't seen many super beginner's like me in the EDM group. Maybe they are hiding I have been.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia