Thursday, February 22, 2007

Challenge 32 - something metallic

When I moved to my new home 3 years ago my friend Flora gave me a shopping voucher to treat myself to a house warming gift. I was thrilled and it was so kind of her. I needed a new vegetable knife and I use this one every day. I met Flora when I worked at a library for 20 years. We have a wonderful friendship and she means so much to me. I hope Flora doesn't mind me mentioning her by name here on my blog.
Not sure how to progress with my drawing at the moment. I have so many challenges to catch up on I'm wondering whether to do them or to explore something watercolor books. The challenges lead me into many surprising places and help me to discover things about my drawing. The comments from the EDMers are also extremely helpful. I think I will press on with all the challenges. It interests me why i don't choose to do some of them.
Lots of love from Susan

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Challenge 94...a spoon

I have 2 of these spoons. My grandmother gave them to me. As she got older she slowly gave away her possessions to friends and family. She wanted to see her things go to people who would love them as much as she did. I use these spoons most days and always have fond thoughts of my grandmother. I used to visit her often for afternoon tea or an evening meal. Her unit was on a slope and if you looked out the windows you could see a pear tree as if the unit was in the tree it was so close. I used to call her home Pear tree cottage. I learnt so much about the joys and celebrations of life from my grandmother. She was always bright and cheerful and pleased to see me. She had a beautiful warm heart and loved being hospitable to friend and stranger. We are very different women and yet I have a photo of her and I together at her 90th birthday and we sat on our chairs in exactly the same pose. It was wonderful to see the genes passed on. I dedicate this to my beloved Rosa Hosken.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Challenge 54 - something I love

My mother collects small glass bottles and items of glass. Most of them are exquisite and all of them have stories of their discovery and purchase or the gift giver. This piece is unusual because mum doesn't normally buy something fun like aglass clown. I just love it. It sits on the table near where I sit when I visit. I often think of my mum dying one day and how will I cope and I get great comfort from the little clown and I hope it survives and can keep me company when mum has gone. It makes me happy and my mum makes me very happy too. They both have very light spirits full of immense joy. I learn a great deal on my visits to my mum.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Challenge30 - chair

I did this drawing of a chair on Christmas Day 2006 not realising I was doing one of the challenges. I was at my brother's and my mother usually sits on this chair rather than the lounge chairs as she has shoulder problems and the chair helps her deal with them. I got a bit of the perspective wrong but otherwise was pleased with the result.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Challenge 107 - where I get my weekly paper

This was great fun. When I realised I'd have to go to my local newsagents to do a sketch I freaked out as I usually only sketch at home and then I thought what the heck noone will bother about me sketching in the newsagents. I did ask permission of the worker.
I was overwhelmed by the detail as most of the challenges for me so far have been single objects. I will ask the EDMers what they do about lots of detail. In the newsagents there was a wall full of cards and I didn't know how to translate that in the drawing. I noticed I was a lot looser in my drawing. The shapes weren't as tidy.
This was a great learning experience. I love where the challenges take me. When I first read about them I didn't think I was interested now I really look forward to the weekly challenge.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS Apparently there has been a request to make a link that takes the EDMer to the post that is being mentioned rather than the whole blog. I'll see how I go with the instructions I've been given...hopefully you arrived here directly.

First time tagged

Apparently there is a game of tag with the Everydaymatters group. I've just been tagged!!!! I normally say I don't want to play games but I'm playing must be a getting older thing. I have to name 6 weird things about myself....I can't think of 6 at the moment so I'll add more later....meanwhile....check out the picture....
1.whenever I hang out the washing the pegs have to match each other and if possible whatever is being hung up. So blue towel has 2 blue pegs...and a blue sheet has heaps of blue pegs.It started as a joke and now I love doing it. It's just a bit of nonsense in my life!
2. I have a spider in the kitchen window and instead of spraying him dead or putting him outside I let him / her build her web and live in the kitchen window. Haven't a clue why...normally I catch them and put them outside. I use a glass and a piece of cardboard to catch them.
3. When I go on my walks I have to go over train tracks. If a train goes by I always wave at the driver and he usually toots his horn and I just love it. Absolutely love it. Is this because I didn't have kids to play games with!!!
I'll list more when I think of them.
I don't dare tag anybody yet as I don't know any of you well enough so if someone who loves playing tag reads this consider yourself tagged.
I don't mind playing the game. It's a bit of nonsense I have time for....maybe that's one of the weird things about me.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Challenge 106 - sour

This is a bottle of vinegar my sister in law bought me. She also gave me some avocado oil to mix together for salads. I have had mental health problems where I forgot how to cook except really simple things like a can of soup. I have had to learn to cook again along with other skills. My sister in law was encouraging me to make a nice dressing for some simple salads. I am making great progress...nothing too gourmet but I can now manage a meal for a friend and can put together a simple meal most nights. So the vinegar has a special significance in the scheme of things.
I love the Everydaymatters challenges because they make me so aware of how significant so many things are in my simple life.
i have had a lot of joy since joining Everydaymatters.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Challenge 105 - scissors

Many years ago an old friend brought these scissors back for me from London. She bought them at Liberty's which makes beautiful fabrics. I don't know if they still exist. I love the little clown on the scissors. When I go to the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria I can always tell which scissors are mine. I have another beautiful pair of stork scissors with an embroidered heart attached. One of the EDMers did a drawing of these style of scissors. They are very popular.
I love scissors and use them often in my art work. I have quite a few pairs sprinkled around the house. Most days I'd use scissors for something.
My saddest memory about scissors is accidentally cutting my brother on the hand when we were playing horses and I had tied him up and he wanted to get loose and I tried to cut the rope. He had to have stitches and when my mum took him to hospital I thought I had killed him. It was a very frightening time. My brother often jokes about it but I was quite scared. Even now I am aware of how fragile life is and you never know when someone may die. My brother is very precious to me and even more so because he is my baby brother. I find I still have that sense of feeling I need to protect him. I think many of us siblings feel this way.
Enough chatter. I have another post to do while I'm on a roll.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Complicated drawing for a beginner

I did this drawing on Christmas day while I was reading Danny Gregory's book "The creative license" and he said to draw something complicated like a medicine cabinet. I was at my brother's place and the bureau with all the nic nacs seemed complicated to me. As I drew it though I realised I was concentrating on one little part at a time so it wasn't as overwhelming as I thought. I need to set myself a few more complicated challenges in amidst the weekly EDM challenges.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS I finally figured out how to be able to leave comments on blogs using without the system rejecting my log on. Computers never cease to amaze me with their game playing and teasing and unpredictable trouble amidst their good times!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Simply salt and pepper shakers

I had these salt and pepper shakers made 30 years ago when I left home and had my first little home. I had a wonderful potter who made me a number of lovely blue things for my flat. I still have the vase and fruit bowl and milk jug. They all have very happy memories as they remind me of many afternoon tea parties and dinners.
I was pleased the challenge was so simple for me as I was needing a nice simple inspiration to get me back doing a bit more artwork. I am behind in the challenges but will catch up.
I still make my emailing and other activities a higher priority than my artwork. I need to get a bit more balance.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Still sad times

Still getting over the grief of the death of my beloved Sooty. I was without my computer for a week and sick with a virus and my medication for my mental illness is being changed so I'm feeling a bit vulnerable at the moment. I haven't felt like drawing so have posted an old drawing of some roses I tried. I was impressed with my efforts as they were so complicted with all the different petals.
I just received Danny Gregory's book Everyday matters and his life story. I am finding it a wonderfully inspiring read.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia