Thursday, February 22, 2007

Challenge 32 - something metallic

When I moved to my new home 3 years ago my friend Flora gave me a shopping voucher to treat myself to a house warming gift. I was thrilled and it was so kind of her. I needed a new vegetable knife and I use this one every day. I met Flora when I worked at a library for 20 years. We have a wonderful friendship and she means so much to me. I hope Flora doesn't mind me mentioning her by name here on my blog.
Not sure how to progress with my drawing at the moment. I have so many challenges to catch up on I'm wondering whether to do them or to explore something watercolor books. The challenges lead me into many surprising places and help me to discover things about my drawing. The comments from the EDMers are also extremely helpful. I think I will press on with all the challenges. It interests me why i don't choose to do some of them.
Lots of love from Susan

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Teri C said...

It's a great knife Susan. And how fortunate you are to have such a lovely friend.

My advice on the challenges (unasked for) is to do them when you feel like it or need something to sketch. Just enjoy doing them.