Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Challenge 54 - something I love

My mother collects small glass bottles and items of glass. Most of them are exquisite and all of them have stories of their discovery and purchase or the gift giver. This piece is unusual because mum doesn't normally buy something fun like aglass clown. I just love it. It sits on the table near where I sit when I visit. I often think of my mum dying one day and how will I cope and I get great comfort from the little clown and I hope it survives and can keep me company when mum has gone. It makes me happy and my mum makes me very happy too. They both have very light spirits full of immense joy. I learn a great deal on my visits to my mum.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


Teri C said...

This seems to be your day for reflection.

You did a marvelous job on this little piece.

Alison said...

A lovely little sketch and some special journalling about it.