Sunday, February 18, 2007

Challenge 106 - sour

This is a bottle of vinegar my sister in law bought me. She also gave me some avocado oil to mix together for salads. I have had mental health problems where I forgot how to cook except really simple things like a can of soup. I have had to learn to cook again along with other skills. My sister in law was encouraging me to make a nice dressing for some simple salads. I am making great progress...nothing too gourmet but I can now manage a meal for a friend and can put together a simple meal most nights. So the vinegar has a special significance in the scheme of things.
I love the Everydaymatters challenges because they make me so aware of how significant so many things are in my simple life.
i have had a lot of joy since joining Everydaymatters.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


u l a n said...

your drawings remind me of...mine =D i think we have the same penstroke style heehee.

Mary Ellen said...

Nice job! I really like the detail and the colours you used for the label. *LOVE* that green! Cheers! Mary Ellen

Lynn said...

Susan, I'm glad you're feeling better. You have a wonderful talent for drawing, and I enjoy visiting your blog. Keep on drawing!

Teri C said...

This bottle is sure perfect for sour! Isn't it amazing how sketching something opens our eyes!

Victoria Police Library Service said...

The drawings are very impressive.
You are a very talented person - but I've always known that
Your friend always Pauline A