Sunday, February 18, 2007

Challenge 105 - scissors

Many years ago an old friend brought these scissors back for me from London. She bought them at Liberty's which makes beautiful fabrics. I don't know if they still exist. I love the little clown on the scissors. When I go to the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria I can always tell which scissors are mine. I have another beautiful pair of stork scissors with an embroidered heart attached. One of the EDMers did a drawing of these style of scissors. They are very popular.
I love scissors and use them often in my art work. I have quite a few pairs sprinkled around the house. Most days I'd use scissors for something.
My saddest memory about scissors is accidentally cutting my brother on the hand when we were playing horses and I had tied him up and he wanted to get loose and I tried to cut the rope. He had to have stitches and when my mum took him to hospital I thought I had killed him. It was a very frightening time. My brother often jokes about it but I was quite scared. Even now I am aware of how fragile life is and you never know when someone may die. My brother is very precious to me and even more so because he is my baby brother. I find I still have that sense of feeling I need to protect him. I think many of us siblings feel this way.
Enough chatter. I have another post to do while I'm on a roll.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


u l a n said...

that's a pretty drawing of a very quaint pair for scissors! love the dangling doll, too.


Bonnie Schulte said...

Susan, what a wonderful drawing. I think the little clown is so cute..I can see why these scissors would be a favorite of yours. They would be of mine too.

gingermoggy said...

OH yes! Liberty's are still going strong here - and probably still will be in 100 years!
The scissors are gorgeous!