Monday, April 30, 2012


Dear friends, this is a page I did to celebrate an online course called Sparkles with Jamie Ridler. I made a stamp out of coiled paper which was suggested by the 21 secrets course and did stamping with it in purple, blue and green. I then wrote about things that rock in my life like my art journaling and emailing lots of love from susan JOY

Alone with God

"alone with God" is an art piece I did to celebrate words as part of an online course I am doing called 21 secrets. I cut the words "alone with God" from colored paper and applied them to a colored page where I used turquoise, blue and purple paint and watercolor crayons and did tracks across it in white paint using the wheels of a toy car. lots of love from susanJOY

Friday, April 06, 2012


Dear friends,
here is the blanket knitted from colorful squares in 5 ply wool over quite some time destined for the Fistula hospital in Ethiopia. a lucky lady will be taking this home with her after she has it as comfort at the hospital before and after her surgery. she gets a new dress as well.
lots of love from susan JOY


Dear friends,
this is another one of my super simple art pieces. it was commissioned by my sister in law who wanted a painting of poppies in really simple art. so here it is one of the practice pieces I did for it. hers is on the way to be framed
lots of love from susan JOY