Sunday, December 31, 2006


What a wonderful year 2006 has been particularly finding Everydaymatters yahoo group.....such inspiration and encouragement. I have written all my goals and hopes for 2007. I'm not ready this year to go public with any of them except that I plan to draw more, more and least as much as I write. I love writing with a passion...which includes computers and handwriting. I need to do less writing and more drawing to get a better balance this year.
I've attached the first drawings I did after joining EDM and look forward to seeing how far I go in 2007.
Does anyone know if writing and drawing use different sides of the brain. I am fascinated when people mention different sides of the brain for different work. I used to do a lot of cryptic crosswords and now I prefer drawing. I was wondering if cryptics and drawing use different sides of the brain. Any way enough of my writing and back to drawing.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


Casey said...

Hi Susan - I'm looking forward to seeing where your art journey takes you this year. Yes I believe you use the right brain for drawing and the left for writing - have you ever tried carrying on a conversation while really drawing? Something interesting is to draw with your non-dominant hand. It's a struggle but takes such concentration that the drwaings are often better.

Teri C said...

Best of luck in your goals Susan.

Interesting question about writing and art. I personally thought they were both right-brain activities. I wrote for a newspaper for 5 years and moved right into art so I figured it was just an extension of right-brain activites. Be interesting to see the real answer.

Michael Emerald said...

Hi Susan. My resolution for 2007 will be to figure out what this drawing is. It looks like a brain next to a bottle of mustard. Am I close? Next time can you post it bigger? That Doodle Sketch is INCREDIBLE! I didn't see the other comments but I'll wager they are as excited as I am about it. You know, you may have a niche here. Never have I seen anything like that before. It looks cool! I'd like to see on in colored pencil - please, please please?