Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bath time

It's still a joy to be doing my blog and to see what other people do with theirs. The thought of my doing drawing overseas and blogging as others do is still on my dream list of things to do. I will continue to be inspired. The other thing I'm learning is I can write as much or as little as I want, I can post everyday or once a month. I'm not sure why I thought there were any rules to this. I love seeing the variety.
Oh yes...the reason for the title. I had my second bath in my new home...I've been here 3 years and was so disappointed in the shallow bath I decided not to use it. That is until the water restrictions came in due to the drought here. It saves water if I have a bath and bucket it on the garden. Needless to say the water is still in the bath a few days later waiting for me to get the inspiration to bucket. I have 2 buckets of water in the shower from yesterday as well which will need to be emptied before the next shower. Patience, patience, I'll get a system sorted out.
I did my first out of doors water color yesterday....I was about 6 feet away from the front door because I still don't know how to travel with water and how to balance paints without a table!!!! I'm sure the Eveydaymatters group will be able to help with suggestions. Apparently I need a water brush and will go to the art shop to see about it.
I can't wait to be at my brothers to use his scanner to scan in my first tree. It is so crude and basic I just love it. I am taking a very caring and nurturing approach to my learning to draw and paint. I am appreciating my first baby steps and really look forward to seeing my progress. I love looking at other peoples blogs to see how they are developing. I still haven't finished my first sketch book yet!!! How exciting. So much to enjoy and to look forward to.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


Teri C said...

I sure can relate to your excitment about blogging. Aftr 1-1/2 years, it is still exciting.

Can't wait to see your watercolor. I also use a waterfilled pen and a small travel WC set for outdoors. It's something that you have to try to see what works best for you and your needs.

Alison said...

We use a small fountain pump with a piece of hose attatched to pump the water out of the window and on to the garden - once the water is pumped up out of the bath and starts falling down through the hose outside, it actually syphons so the pump can be turned off and the emptying continues - so long as the hose outlet outside is below the level of the bathwater.