Sunday, January 21, 2007

Challenge 101 - soap

The square soap appears on the bench in my bathroom and bubblebath photo in blog entry...January 3rd 2007. I couldn't believe how badly I did the square piece of soap. This is a wonderful reason for using pencil instead of pen because I could have rubbed it out and done it again. We have been talking about pen vs pencil in the Everyday matters yahoo group. I wasn't going to show this challenge and then I thought it's a great example of how you think something is going to be really easy and over confidence sets in.


Michael Emerald said...

Look at all your wonderful Challenges! They look great, Susan. I like most your portrait pictures, those little ones. Can you draw a big one? You give them such nice expressions. Thanks.

Teri C said...

Isn't it amazing how when we think something should be easy, it's not. Same thing happened to me. Good job.

Nina Johansson said...

I like these. And, sure, you mentioned a good reason to use pencil, but I love pen for the fact that if you had used pencil on this one we wouldn´t have seen your first trial on the square soap. I like the fact that the whole process gets included when you draw with a pen. Whenever you go back to look at this drawing you´ll remember exactly how you did it, why you started over on the square soap and so on. I know I love looking back on my old "mistakes", there´s always something to learn in them. And usually some fun memories too, impossible to erase! (I love pencil drawing too, so one doesn´t exclude the other. They´re just different from one another, and good for different reasons.)