Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Frustration and challenge 2 for EDM

The frustration is about not being able to log onto my blog easily. I have to put in my password about 6 or more times and it keeps saying it is not a is, it is, it is....I am such an impatient person. I really need to learn the lesson on patience. I'm 51 and still learning....I get so impatient mostly with technology and my inability to understand it. I get impatient because I don't learn fast enough or well enough.I'll be going for a nice walk down the beach in a minute and I have plenty of patience for that.
Meanwhile todays drawing....which is a bit of a mess because i forgot to edit it in iPhoto and put it straight on here...silly me....another reason for me to get impatient ....but I won't because I'm learning!!!!! aren't I!!!!!!
So today's drawing is EDM challenge no 2....a lamp....and a 100 challenges to go give or take a few.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia who's off down the blessed am I


Teri C said...

And this too shall pass Susan. The more you play around with blogger the more you learn. Take it from one that did. And still learning. I understand because I am as impatient as you. The important thing is, you are sketching and that's the important part.

And I also know that lamp was not easy. And you did a good job.

Brenda Y said...

Great job on the lamp, and it does us good to stretch our necks once in a while.
You've probably already done this. . . but when logging in, I think blogger is "case sensitive."
I hope you had a WONDERFUL walk on the beach!!

Marilyn said...

Love your lamp -- especially the beautiful green color. I could not agree with you more about the frustrations of technology.
Just keep drawing.