Thursday, January 25, 2007

Challenge 3 - bag - mirrors

I LOVE bags. This is my new purple bag. It makes me so happy to use it. I used to make a lot of my bags particularly if I couldn't find one I like. I love bags with lots of pockets and places to put things. The purple bag has only a couple of pockets but I just love the color and it has some decorative pieces to it as well.
I drew the bag hanging on the mirror not realising I'd have to draw the mirror image!!! It went really well and i enjoyed doing it. I love doing purple water color because purple is one of my favourite colors.
Just a little added note. A friend who has been cleaning out his attic has inspired me to clean out my garage. It is a double garage where half of it I have bookshelves and a table. There is stuff everywhere as it is a place I put things when I don't know where else to put it. Now is the day of reckoning. Wish me luck.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS Maybe I should post a picture of my clean garage ...assuming that happens.


u l a n said...

I was staring at the bag, trying to make out the design and why I was sort of seeing two straps and two pouches when i my eyes refocused to include the rest of the picture and I gasped: it's a mirror image! nice!

this is really well done =)

ian =)

Brenda Y said...

Gorgeous purple!! I'm so proud of you!! Instetad of moving that bag to an easier location for painting, you took the challenge and painted the mirror image!! Excellent job (and it IS a very lovely bag!!)