Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bees on the parsley flowers

I was talking to an artist friend and telling him I wished I was able to draw the bees buzzing around the parsley flowers but it was too hard. He encouraged me to give it a go. He told me not to just think of being realistic but to convey the feeling of what I was seeing. I did a couple of realistic drawings and then did swirls and patterns to convey the movement. I really enjoyed doing these drawings and painting because it pulled me away from doing strictly outlines which is what I have been doing. I'd love to explore abstact drawing in the future along with the other 101 ideas.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


Nel said...

Susan, I do like your bees! This is a charming drawing just as it is, but I understand your desire to learn more. That's always how it is, we master one thing and the next is sitting on our shoulder. I'm glad to see you posting.

Teri C said...

Susan, I really love this. You have totally the movement and just the whimsicalness of those bees.