Wednesday, December 27, 2006

First collage on blog

Just discoverd I can preview what I'm trying to do!!!Oh the fun and games of a new blogger trying to do pictures.
This is a scan of one of my first collages which I really enjoy doing as a change from drawing and water color. I do a lot of them in my visual journals. My absolute passion though is writing....I do it every chance I get. I write everything and anything of a trivial day to day nature in numerous journals which I often illustrate. My favourite at the moment is a journal I'm keeping that chats about the walks I do around the neighbourhood and the people I meet and things I find. I come home and try and do little sketches of the people. They are really crude and childlike. I am looking forward to learning how to do people more realistically. I usually have my camera with me and some people don't like their picture taken so I come home and draw them instead. I find it interesting trying to memorise them. I was trying to do a dog the other day and I had no idea of how a dogs legs look when they run. I will have to learn to be more observant. A friend told me the other day to draw my cat moving and I said you have to be joking....I can hardly do her lying still. Learning to draw things in motion is going to be an interesting adventure. So much to learn, discover, do and ponder.
Had trouble getting on the blog to edit it so I may not see you for awhile!! My EDM friends are being a great help. I'm really appreciating their encouragement

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Nel said...

You've set yourself some good and difficult goals. Don't worry, bit by bit is the ticket. I can't draw things from memory or things in motion yet either. I really like your grid drawings, and welcome, welcome to EDM!