Saturday, March 14, 2009

VOG dolls

I made these two dolls for the doll challenge as part of reading Julia Cameron's book Vein of gold. The black doll is my inner critic that still has a heart and helps me to learn so much about life particularly now I have befriended her. The other doll has two sides. I have bipolar so the colorful side is when I am energetic and slightly manic and the plainer side is my quieter less energetic side. I am busy making a shrine for the two of them to live in.
lots of love from susan in australia


Lin Neiswender said...

How clever to make the two-sided doll Susan! And the heart on your Inner Critic! Great job! Bet they will be happy in their yellow house.

DJ said...

Susan, I agree with Lin that you're so thoughtful and creative to make a two-sided doll to represent your dual moods. Can't wait to see the rest of your awesome work on VOG.
Love & Laughter,

Barbara Ann said...

I love these dolls you've created, Susan! I feel we all have many sides to us, that are not as pronounced as having bi-polar disorder, yet these different personalities within do affect us. Very well done :) I'll try to be patient in waiting for the unveiling of the shrine!

An Evolving Artist @ Swallowcliffs said...

Oh, Susan, your dolls are sooo very very full of "soul" having so much meaning to you and your life! How awesome of you to share with us!

Hovawart said...

I can guess that I am going to love these images! Two thoughts: (a) as soon as you get a working camera again, redo photos of these wonderful projects; (b) figure out how to have the photos enlarge when you click on them, instead of staying the same size (I have no idea how to to do this, but your photos are so teensy-weensy even when they are in focus I kind of have to guess what I would see if I could see them). Still, something about them is so compelling.