Monday, September 28, 2009

Soul journaling prompts

Dear friends, Todays artwork is a response to the prompts from the yahoo group soul journaling.
Below is the artwork for the prompt...The most valuable thing I have learned........which is to keep on healing and believing and trusting in God. I find pink very healing

The piece below is for the prompt...I am afraid if I start dreaming I will.... and I journaled on the two pages.
The flowers are some printing I did with lino prints

lots of love from susan in australia
PS I will try and do bigger pictures next time. i am getting to know my new computer program


teri said...

susan I love seeing your prints. I'm impressed with all the work you are doing lately. xo-teri

Sarah Whitmire said...

Wonderful work!!! You bring so much feeling and emotion into your pieces.

I am also huge fan of the color pink too. :)



LisaC said...

Nice job Susan. I love your colors too... I was never a big pink fan until recently, don't know why! I also loved your retreat picture... I want to go there, LOL.