Saturday, November 21, 2009


Dear friends,
I used some photos of some interesting rocks in my neighbourhood to inspire a background. I used grays, beige, greens and black inspired by the rocks and used a massage brush and toothbrush to add the paints.
Have you ever used a photo to inspire your work?
lots of love from susan in australia


freebird said...

I've used photos on lots of my pages. I use them as is and also cut out parts of them to use. I'd rather use my own images than someone else's if possible.

Glad you are finding the fun of using them too.

Arteefaque: (är'tə-fākt') * said...

Ahh...this is beautiful! I love natural things be it wood or rock or water..we have so much to be thankful for here in Australia :-)

teri said...

I'm usually more inspired by writing than by visual images -- quotes are often what inspires me. However, someone just posted a site at On the Wing with daily photos or paintings that are quite inspirational for journals or artwork.

I'm not sure what a massage brush is, but you've done a lovely job with it here.

Maer aka Marilyn Harris-Mills said...

I like using photos in my photo but using it in repeated different methods. Like yours!! very unique

Lisa said...

I love using photos in my journal. It makes it feel much more personal. I love the rocks. I have been taking a lot of photos like that because I just like the textures.

LisaC said...

Sweeeet! I love using nature images in my art work too. I love the texture of the rocks and the texture you created with your brushes.