Saturday, October 02, 2010

Success is a mind game

Dear friends,
I have had works on my computer for 3 weeks but haven't put them on. I never do it during my quiet time I always have to wait until I am zippy. I will catch up now. Not sure how many to put on.
This one is a collage I did about life and time and how it passes for me and how much of it is a game with my mind and dealing with my rapid cycling bipolar. The yacht near the edge shows how I often feel I am on the edge and not coping but the child with the lady is me taking care of my inner child. The heart is for love
Lots of love from susan in australia

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Barbara B. said...

Hi again Susan:
I see so much in this creation of yours. It really expresses life as some of us are living it.
That "fine" edge you mentioned is something I too am familiar with. I love the way you have honored your inner child here. Does she have a name?
Mine is named Freckles due to the freckle face I once had as a child many moons ago! (;-)
We are only recently beginning to know each other and even splash in rain puddles whenever we have the chance!
Barbara B.
from La.