Saturday, December 18, 2010

My first dotee doll well almost.........

Dear friends,
This is my first dotee doll. My mum helped me out with design as i was sitting with her when I was making her and my mum said she needed a tuille dress! I love her heaps and she is on my bedroom door.
lots of love from susan in australia
PS A dotee doll was created by Dot of
I just found out mine isn't a dotee doll! It is supposed to be between 3 and 5 inches and mine is longer. Ah well I had fun.


Quilt Knit said...

It is lovely! Please enlighten me! What is a Dotee Doll?
I have done many dolls.

Susan Hosken said...

Dotee Dolls are an altered art doll created by Dot of
lots of love from susan in australia

Anonymous said...

Susan, it is a super cute doll - love the hair and the skirt!

Lin said...

A real cutie!

An Evolving Artist @ said...

I love her Susan! I am glad to see you stepping up your range of fun things to create! Wow!

Mary said...

She's a sweetie. I agree the tutu just brings her to life!

DJ said...

This is THE CUTEST dotee doll I've ever seen!!!!!
Big Hugs,

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Great! super love your dotee doll. =)