Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest artwork

Dear friends,
My latest art work printing with bottle tops, one using torn tissue paper and sketching, the hearts one with the bow is using netting for the hearts and a friends doodled heart, then one is printing with potatoes made into shapes and then one of hearts that came on cellophane from a florist on Valentines day.
lots of love from susan in australia


Barbara B. said...

I love each of these Susan especially the connecting hearts at the very top.
I find it so interesting when we are able to use different creative ideas to work with.
One of mine awhile ago was black Gesso with pieces of pulled and mis-shapend cheese cloth.
I found cheese cloth fantastic to work with since it can be pulled into various shapes.

Teri C said...

They are all so interesting and pretty! Very creative Susan.

Mary said...

I love how you used the different hues of colors to represent the emotion behind the heart ( interpretation any way). Each shade made me feel differently about each heart.

Malindabelle said...

These are SWEET Susan! I could not read the text on the 2nd one though, could you print it for us?

Lin said...

They show the wonderful love that flows from you, Susan!