Tuesday, May 05, 2009

4 layers collage

Dear friends, These two collages are the result of a prompt challenge to do a collage with 4 layers. I did 2 layers of papers, painted on one page and added beads to another and then added words. The photos aren't too good. i am sorry. I hope to get better at taking images.
Lots of love from susan in australia


DJ said...

Interesting collages, Susan!
What's next?
Can't wait to see...

Hovawart said...

I left my comments on an older post and then thought you'd be more likely to see them on the most recent post, so:
I can guess that I am going to love these images! Two thoughts: (a) as soon as you get a working camera again, redo photos of these wonderful projects; (b) figure out how to have the photos enlarge when you click on them, instead of staying the same size (I have no idea how to to do this, but your photos are so teensy-weensy even when they are in focus I kind of have to guess what I would see if I could see them). Still, something about them is so compelling.

DJ said...

When I click on them, they enlarge for me! :-)