Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scavenger hunt

Dear friends, This was a challenge where there was a list of things to use including something found on a pavement, something from the trash, 3 colors, a bottle top and a number of other things. Off I went to find what I needed and this is the result.
lots of love from susan in australia


Anonymous said...


You are such an inspiration to me. Your art is so pure. You have such a distinctive style. I love how you spaced out the colors and how you placed them. All of your collages have such voice to them!


Sarah Whitmire said...

Hi Susan,
Fantastic job on the Scavenger Hunt Challenge! I hope you had as much fun making it as I did. :)



dtermani6 said...

Heh! i better not let my kids see me gathering things from the street! I'll have a LOT of explaining to do after all i have said to them...I like what you chose and how you put it together!

Laura Kay said...

Love the results you got!!

Francine Cronos said...

Your page is awesome! I love your yellow background and how you put all of your elements together. It really pops! Fabulous job!