Monday, August 31, 2009

Pennant challenge

Dear friends,
Had to make a pennant as part of a challenge on celebration. I am celebrating returning to church on Sundays after a long break. Church is like a wonderful family to me. I am celebrating.
lots of love from susan in australia


KathrynAntyr said...

Hi Susan,

You made the first pennant! yoo-hoo! Better still is what you are celebrating -- reconnecting with your church community. I've posted a link to your blog post and your pennant will be the first one that will be on display in the gallery later this month.

{soul hugs}

ellie said...

This is a fun idea, Susan! I'm inspired! thanks for posting it!

DJ said...

Love it!
More, please...

MHH said...

Hi Susan,

This almost made me cry! What a wonderful way to celebrate family, faith and love!

You inspire me to be a better person.