Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Dear friends, I am doing an online course with Kathryn Antyr....check out her site.....
We had to find an image that was relaxation and serenity and I chose a lady blowing bubbles...such a relaxing thing to do. We then had to make some little cards with inspiring words on them... I chose "go with the flow", "one day at a time" "living in the moment" and also did a prompt card for my home to be calm and organized.
Kathryn asked what we do for relaxation.....I love being with my friends and family, resting in bed before the day begins, TV and videos and DVDs, going to the beach, walking and all my creativity activities like art, craft, photography, gardening and cooking. I have a lot of relaxing in my life looking at this list
I am working on lesson 2 today. I am quite behind but Kathryn said we can take as long as we like.
lots of love from susan in australia

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