Friday, September 22, 2006

A Beginning

I've just set up my first blog and now I'm all anxious about what to say. The reason I wanted to start this blog is I am wanting to touch other people's lives who find the daily journey is often a hard thing. I have mental illness and chronic fatigue syndrome and although I have an extremely blessed life for which I am very grateful I often struggle with each day and the lessons the day has to bring.
Today I am very aware of how envious I get of other people. I am trying to get back to my creative work with collage and writing but am very critical of what I am doing because I am comparing myself with other people. I am hoping as I do this blog that I will become more aware of my own uniqueness and stop comparing myself to other people. I think one of my biggest problems is that I have been ill with mental illness for many years and only in the past few years have I been on a medication that has given me a more normal life. In my efforts to understand how to do things I have looked to other people for ideas and advice and have unfortunately got into comparing myself to others. So from now on no more comparing......send a comment if you notice I'm comparing!!!
I am hoping in the future to include some of my art work on this blog. I need to get a digital camera and a scanner so there is plenty to do first including improving my art work.
OK .... let's see how this entry looks.
Once I send this I haven't a clue how to do another entry another day .... so this may be my first and last entry.
Have courage to make the most of your own journey. I try to make the most of each day in my own way.

I'm back...I just wanted to see how to edit far so good.

I am so pleased I've decided to do this. Nobody needs to know but they will as I am not one to keep secrets unless I've been told to. I will share this with my friend Susan though because I was mentioning to her how I would like to touch people's lives with my writing and sharing.
See you tomorrow.

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