Monday, September 25, 2006


Just added my first picture to the blog. It is fitting that it is Sooty. I have had Sooty for 12 years. She arrived in my back garden as a stray and she slowly won my heart. I have never had a cat before. She has a very gentle nature and we suit each other very well. I love her at bedtimes best of all when she waits until I get into bed and then she comes to join me. I don't know how old Sooty is so I am often aware that this may be the last day we share together. I have many happy memories. I am glad she is on the web...what a treat.


Anonymous said...

She is GORGEOUS!!! And, she may well have been a young cat when she came to you. My old cat lived 21 years! She really is beautiful.

Ger O'Rourke said...

Hi Susan, what a cute Sooty! We also have a Sootie - black male who also came to us about 12 years ago. He is in fine health even if he is an 'elderly cat' (vet's description of him). Sorry I don't have a picture to send you. The vet told us cats can live into their 20's - just as the previous comment says. All the best.

suzanne said...

What a sweet commentary on Sooty. I like how you say you love her best when it is time to go to bed. I understand this feeling it is the same way I feel about my dog Pokey...but I never put it into words. Beautiful tribute.