Friday, September 29, 2006

Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

I went to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens today with a friend. I was so excited as it has been 7 years since I have had the good health to be able to take on such an adventure. To other people it would be just a day out whereas for me it has been a huge accomplishment. I took photos for my visual journal. We went on a tour of the new gardens that have been set up and it was wonderful to see it at it's beginning stage and i look forward to going to visit in the future. My friend and I had a lovely lunch and coffee after the tour and we visited the bookshop.
I have just started to do "The Artist's way" and have just done lesson one. The book talks about having special artists time and I think even though I went with a friend that the spirit of adventure and enthusiasm was there.
A very kind American woman has agreed to be my mentor as I work through the book. It has been a fabulous day and I also did my 10 minutes of art work. A lovely lady suggested 10 minutes of art work a day was better than nothing and I can definitely find 10 minutes a day.
I am so thrilled.
yesterday I had my first mentoring session with keeping my spiritual journey on track. I am not mentioning people's names as they may not want to be on the blog.
I've done a search of this blog and only once has it come up. I'm not sure why is doesn't display when a search is made. I don't know who to ask. I don't dare ask EDM group. At the moment it isn't important as I don't really want to be found. I'll worry about it when I am putting my art work on the blog......future dreaming.

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marieJ said...

Hey time you plan visiting Gardens give me a call...let's make it a sketch crawl
day....I'm "around the corner" from the gardens.