Monday, May 14, 2007

Been tagged

I usually put my collages on my other but I have been tagged by my new friend martin from EDM and I don't have time to scan in a new drawing.
This is the second time I've been tagged. I find it fun but some people find it childish.
So what are 7 random facts / habits about myself..
1. I used to smoke roll your own Drum cigarettes
2. When I was at college I wanted to do Librarianship and drama and the co ordinator said no because I'd have to be schizophrenic to want to do both and they were incompatible subjects!!! A few of us library students argued hard and long and we got it approved. I am one of the first students to have passed both subjects in fourth year. It turned out I did have schizoaffective disorder after all. I am so glad I did both subjects and paved the way for other students.
3. I love fresh home grown siverbeet with egg cooked in the microwave topped later with green tomato chutney. I just made my latest batch of chutney and am looking forward to my next meal.
4. I have a friend in Queensland that I phone most Saturday nights and we talk for hours and hours. It's like being a teenager.
5. I used to call my brother Prune and still do sometimes. My mother used to say what lovely skin my brother had and I got jealous and called him prune face. I called him that for years and only recently stopped. My brother is 48!!!
6. I used to have a budgerigar called Tiger that used to fly around the hous. Nowadays I can't stand the thought of a bird not being able to fly free.
7. I am amazed I am doing drawings of simple things in life for Everydaymatters. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine such a happening.

I can't believe I wrote all the above. I just did it off the top of my head. Fance picking such things. I had a lot of fun and good memories came back as well.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


SCquiltaddict said...

Funny I went to art school and later went to liberry school:> am i schizo too:>

Serena said...

Thanks for sharing a part of yourself, Susan. I love the sound of number three....YUMMY!!!

Teri C said...

You have had such an interesting life Susan! And still so many doors to open and discover. What fun these tags are.

phthaloblu said...

It's so nice to read all these things about you. I think what you did in school was bold and courageous. I think everyone possesses a little schizo personality and it doesn't have to be bad. You've had quite an interesting life! Thanks for sharing.