Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Challenge 118 - hair

This drawing is a bit frightening!!! I did my self portrait as part of the exercises for "Drawing on the right side of the brain". Next time I will smile. I promise I have a friendly smile and sparkly kind eyes. Doesn't look like it with this one. I'm going to look forward to doing portraits as part of my overall growth in art. At the moment I still can only really do outlines as I find shading too challenging at the moment. I am looking forward to doing art courses that teach me how to shade.
I was awake at 4am so did my daily Everyday in May drawing then!! This won't be a regular happening.
Absolutely loving Everyday in May and the inspiration for me to do art everyday.
Most of my life I have had long hair but decided I was getting too old for it a few years ago. I got quite tired of waiting for it to dry after I washed it as I didn't like hair dryers. My grandmother used to love my hair and used to stroke it. She'd tell me stories about her long hair which she had happy memories about. When I wore my hair in a bun she called me top knot. When she became forgetful and couldn't remember me I told her I was top knot and she remembered me. Shortly after my grandmother died I cut all my hair off. I never realised at the time but I did it out of sheer grief. I have read often about people cutting there hair off in grief. After I had the hair cut off I felt strangely calmed by doing it. I could have literally cut it off with my own scissors I was so upset about grandma. I wailed when I heard of her death. I immediately started growing me hair again and had it long for quite a few years. I have always loved my hair and loved doing hairstyles with it particularly threading beads through it. I am now beginning to go gray so that will be the next journey. Hair fascinated me. i'll be interested to see how other EDMers do the challenge.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


Deborah said...

Good job on trying hair. I haven't done mine yet. Know hat you mean about short/long hair. Mine was short for over 10 years and I let it go gray about 4 years ago. Just recently grew it to my shoulders and love being able to change styles. Keep drawing.

aPugsLife-laserone said...

Neat drawing! I haven't done "Hair" yet. Not sure how to approach it! I imagine it's not easy. :)

Sarah said...

Hair's not easy is it? I think you made a good start with it. I used to fudge it - then I spent a lot of time studying how other artists do it and that helped. I'm only forty but around 40% white haired - have been for a few years. I've been 'blending' it but am considering rebelling against societal pressure and being grey and proud - we'll see.

Silvia said...

Doing self portraits with the help of a mirror is a difficult task. One always has these staring eyes. It is easier to do a self portrait from a photo.
I liked the story about your grandmother very much. Made me think a lot.

Lynn said...

Heh! This is like a gathering of the gray hairs. I stopped coloring mine about a year ago - I prefer to call it "silver". Very nice drawing, self portraits are very difficult. I wasn't brave enough to post mine. You've done a great job!

Christeen said...

Wow- Thanks for sharing that powerful story, Susan! You're the first one I've come across who's also cut her hair off in grief. Mine's grown back since 2003. I can really relate to what you're talking about.

Great job giving the hair challenge a go- and in a self portrait to boot.

Before I go, I will say I think the relationship of your features to each other is wonderful, and I love it that you're drawing a realistic mouth, instead of what you think a mouth outta look like. How are you enjoying Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain? I haven't read it, or done anything from it, but I heard it's good!

Ok, Toodle-ooo!

Susan Hosken said...

Dear Christeen,
Thanks for your comments. I am finding Drawing on the reight side of the brain very challenging as it is my first attempt at drawing. Many people recommended the book. i am going very slowly on it. I am going to do a chapter a week and treat it more seriously.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Robyn said...

It looks as though you were REALLY concentrating while you were doing this self portrait, Susan. Good work on the hair.

My hair is way down past my waist, which seems a bit silly for a 50 something someone but I am very fond of it.

Teri C said...

Hi Susan, it makes me happy to see how excited you are about everyday in may! I applaud you for doing such a difficult (to me) portrait or people in general!!

Digitalesse said...

I also have that very book but so far haven't had the energy/time opportunity to start working through it. Interesting thoughts on hair. My hair is still long and I seem to prefer it that way. The grey? Well, at my age brunettes turn auburn, shall we say. I'm too vain for grey. I'm not a fan of the ageing process, but there's not a lot we can do about it, is there?