Sunday, July 08, 2007

Third book

This is my third book and I learnt how to do a basic pamplet stitch. It is a journal celebrating the death of my cat Sooty and it has my journaling and emails sent by many from Ever Day Matters and other friends. I knitted the cover and then embellished with beads. It means a lot to me. I have already chosen my next book binding how to find time to do it.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful book. I am one of the people who do book binding on EDM. I have made covers out of old books, my own hand made paper, commercial paper and polymer clay. But have never knitted one or seen a knitted one before. Your creation is original and a lovely personal treasure. Can't wait to see your next book.


Kay Cox said...

Oh, Susan, this is lovely. And you knit? I have made a few attempts to learn and am still determined that one day I will get it! I'm envious of those who can just whip up something as lovely as this.

Nancy said...

This is truly unique Susan - and very beautiful.