Sunday, January 24, 2010


Dear friends,
This collage is some of my archetypes including a photo of me to remind me of how I am now.
I am doing this as part of an online course on the hero's journey.
I am a homemaker and love home and doing my arts and crafts. I like to keep the home fires burning.
I also love nature and to be out in God's world and exploring.
I am quite old fashioned and love journal writing, painting and needlecrafts.
I am also fun loving and enjoy the simple things of life.

lots of love from susan in australia


LisaC said...

Hi Susan! You've got some nice pictures to represent you. That class sounds pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Mary said...

Oh! What a cool idea for a collage. I think I'll do that too. ..giggling..I'm excited. Not tonight though. Tonight I've got an almost terminal case of cold toes. I'm tempted to sit here with my blow dryer on high and warm them up!