Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hero's journey 2

Dear friends,
The second collage I did for my hero's journey as part of the online workshop has a labyrinth in it which reminds me of the simplicity of my journey nowadays and the lovely rituals and routines I have in each day that make it enjoyable. I have put the bread of heaven to remind me that simple things are a great joy to me although I do seek excitement at times mostly I enjoy simplicity. I have also put the sea which I visit each day. I love it's different moods which reminds me of my mood disorder and how I can have continuity in my life despite my mood disorder. I love the sea. I also like the beach I visit because it also has people and I enjoy people in my life and on the journey.
lots of love from susan in australia


LisaC said...

What great pictures! I also love the sea... I feel its pull even though I haven't seen it in more than a decade.

Mary said...

I love the greenness of the garden and then the labyrinth. How cool is that. With the sea in the picture it reminded me that in the fullness and richness of life (the green) we travel many journeys (the labyrinth) with many shifts and moods (the ocean) and yet we can remain grounded (the sand). Just my perspective. :)